Face-to-face conversations are enough to make anti-LGBT voters reconsider their thoughts on marriage equality, according to a new study.

Researchers from UCLA and Columbia surveyed 9,500 voters in Los Angeles who lived in pro-Prop 8 districts circa 2008 to see how different conversations could make them change their minds on different topics. Here’s what they did:

Voters were divided into five randomly assigned groups, with some residents exposed to a gay or straight canvasser advocating for same-sex marriage and others assigned to a gay or straight canvasser discussing the importance of recycling. The fifth group served as a control group to which no canvasser was assigned.

The research found that individuals who were confronted with marriage equality conversations from a canvasser who identified himself or herself as gay experienced the most powerful and long-lasting attitude shifts in favor of same-sex marriage.

Even better: People living in the same household as the voter often experienced a change of opinion too, even if they didn’t interact with the canvasser directly, and straight canvassers also had success in convincing people to support marriage equality simply by talking about it. 

Talk to people about marriage equality, anti-LGBT discrimination, and other issues that matter. It works. Scientifically proven. 

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The names of the 100 people who are 2014 Trans 100 honorees were revealed March 30 in a live event at the Mayne Stage in Chicago.    Now the full list has been compiled and released. 
"I wish to reiterate again that the Trans 100 is not a ‘Top 100,’ ‘Best Of,’ or even the result of straight voting by the public or volunteers," Trans 100 co-director Jen Richards writes in the list’s foreword.

"It is an intentionally curated list of out trans people who are working on trans issues in the United States and having a positive impact. We do not claim to be anything more than this."

Congratulations to all the people who were honored this year including Gloria Allen, who received the inaugural Trans 100 Living Legend Award.  

Now here’s the full list of the 2014 Trans 100 Honorees:

  • A. Dionne Stallworth 
  • Adrien Lawyer 
  • Alana Nicole Shola
  • Alison Gill
  • Amos Mac
  • Angel Celeste Colley
  • Angelica Ross
  • Askari Gonzalez
  • Bailey Jay
  • Bali White
  • Dr. Ben A. Barres
  • Blue Montana
  • Brynn Tannehill
  • Cameron Thomas Whitley
  • Carmen Carrera
  • Causten E. Rodriguez-Wollerman
  • CeCe McDonald
  • Charlene Jacqueline Arcila
  • Charley Burton
  • Chase Strangio
  • Chella Isabel Marie Coleman 
  • Cherno Biko
  • Cheryl Courtney-Evans
  • Chris Mosier 
  • Chris Paige
  • Courtney Gray
  • Cristan Williams
  • D’Lo
  • Danielle Nika Askini
  • Dee Dee Ngozi Chamblee
  • Dr. Jillian. T. Weiss
  • Dr. Van Bailey
  • Drian Juarez
  • Ezak Perez
  • Fallon Fox 
  • Gabriel Foster
  • Hayden Mora
  • Holiday Simmons
  • Imogen Binnie
  • Jamison Green
  • Jazz
  • Kiara St. James
  • Kim Watson
  • Kingston J. Farady
  • Kye Allums
  • Lana Wachowski
  • Landon Pan
  • Laura Jane Grace
  • Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson
  • Logan Ferraro
  • Lou Weaver
  • Minister Louis Mitchell
  • Lourdes Ashley Hunter
  • Maria Louise Roman
  • Mattee Jim
  • Mauro Sifuentes
  • Michael David Battle
  • Mitch Kellaway
  • Maya Jafer
  • Micah Bazant
  • Moof Mayeda
  • Morgan Robyn Collado
  • Nancy Nangeroni
  • Nic Sedillo
  • Nikki Calma
  • Octavia Hamlett
  • Parker T. Hurley
  • Parker Marie Molloy
  • Precious Davis
  • Red Durkin
  • Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge
  • Riley Johnson 
  • Rocco ‘Katastrophe’ Kayiatos
  • Ryan Li. Dahlstrom
  • Sarah McBride 
  • Scott Schneider 
  • Sean Coleman
  • Seth Kirby
  • Sharyn Grayson 
  • shay(den)
  • Syd Robinson
  • tash shatz
  • TC Tolbert
  • Tiffany Woods
  • Tiq Milan
  • T.J Jourian
  • Tobi Hill-Meyer
  • Tom Léger
  • Tracy Garza
  • Trystan Reese
  • Tye West
  • Valerie Spencer
  • Vanessa Losey
  • Vanessa Victoria
  • Viveka Ray-Mazumder
  • Vivian Taylor
  • Wesley Ware
  • Z. Jae Williams
  • Zackary Drucker
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Insensitive language used in a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race has enraged the trans community.

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The High Court in Australia this week ruled in favor of Norrie, a Sydney resident who identifies as neither male nor female.

The Court’s unanimous decision is that the New South Wales law does allow for a nonbinary or non-specific gender marker, though in its current state, it will only apply to people who have had gender confirmation surgery. The government is still considering the ruling and its legal implications, while the ACT has already passed a law recognizing a “third category of sex.”

Here’s a little more background: 

The case began in 2010 when Norrie applied for a name change and to be registered as being of non-specific sex.

The registrar at first agreed, but that recognition was revoked, with the registrar arguing it was beyond the power of the law to recognise options other than male or female.

Norrie went on to challenge the decision and last year the NSW Court of Appeal found the existing law could recognise additional options.

The registrar turned to the High Court in an attempt to have that decision overturned, but today the court dismissed the appeal.

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report from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey conducted by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality, found that transgender people faced double the rate of unemployment of the general population, with 63 percent of the transgender people surveyed reporting they experienced a serious act of discrimination that majorly affected their ability to sustain themselves. These numbers are even worse for trans people of color, especially trans women of color, the deaths of whom have been deemed a “state of emergency.” 

Trans women have been saddled with the responsibility of taking on trans-exclusionary feminists for far too long—but it’s not their issue to deal with alone. 

Read: It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women by Tina Vasquez at BitchMedia.org.  Type illustrations by Michelle Leigh

Damn right

I really thought this article would have comments that would be safe to read. I don’t know why I didn’t think that through.

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Femininity in general is seen as frivolous. People often say feminine people are doing “the most”, meaning that to don a dress, heels, lipstick, and big hair is artifice, fake, and a distraction. But I knew even as a teenager that my femininity was more than just adornments; they were extensions of me, enabling me to express myself and my identity. My body, my clothes, and my makeup are on purpose, just as I am on purpose.

— Janet Mock, Redefining Realness (via alisonroseishere)

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